Projects derived from SLLA Strategic Plan (2016-2022)

1. Preface by Convener / COMAISP
2. Organizational Excellence (Reference to the Strategic Plan - 5.1 KA1)
  2.1 Operational Manual for the SLLA Office new animated
  2.2 Job description of SLLA Council members - [English | Sinhala]
  2.3 Term of Reference for SLLA Professional groups - [English Sinhala]
  2.4 Developing a Digital Archive for SLLA
  2.5 Releasing DIPLIS Exam Results through Online Web Portal 
  2.6 SLLA Gateway (Gateway for online resources) 
3. Improve access to information and facilitate knowledge creation (Reference to the Strategic Plan - 5.4 KA4)
  3.1 Minimum standard for the libraries in orphanages and child protection centers [English] 
4. Academic Library Sector (Reference to the Strategic Plan - 5.4 KA4)
. 4.1 Guidelines for Library building plans and interior designs for Academic Libraries in Sri Lanka [Sinhala]
  4.2 Report of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) - Needs Assessment Conducted among Academic Librarians
  4.3 Directory: A guide to resources and services of institute libraries in the university sector in Sri Lanka new animated
5.. National Library Sector (Reference to the Strategic Plan - 5.4 KA4)
  5.1 Report on identifying gaps in the Sri Lanka National Bibliography
  5.2 Project on Revising the present NLDSB Act
  5.3 Formulation of  Standards for National Library of Sri Lanka
6. Public Library Sector (Reference to the Strategic Plan - 5.4 KA4)
  6.1 Database on architectural designs and photographs of modern Public Library buildings and interior designs
  6.2 Common Service Minutes for Public Libraries
  6.3 Collection Development Policy for Public Libraries
7. Government Library Sector (Reference to the Strategic Plan - 5.4 KA4)
  7.1 Operational Manual for Government Libraries in Sri Lanka
8. Provincial Library Sector(Reference to the Strategic Plan - 5.4 KA4)
  8.1 Model Provincial Library statute for Sri Lanka
9. School Library Sector(Reference to the Strategic Plan - 5.4 KA4)
  9.1 School Library Standards for Sri Lanka 
  9.2 School Library architectural designs - building, interior layout and furniture 
10. Prison Library Sector
  10.1 Prison Library Guidelines for Sri Lanka Prisons  - Sinhala | Tamil 
11. Translations (Reference to the Strategic Plan - 5.1 KA5)
  11.1 Progress of the translations projects of the publication committee
  11.2 Guideline for Planning Digitization -Sinhala | Tamil
  11.3 IFLA School Library Guidelines -Sinhala | Tamil
  11.4 International Catlouging Principles - SinhalaTamil 
  11.5 IFLA Guidelines for Continuing Professional Development-Principles and Best Practice - Sinhala 
  11.6 Adding value: Principal’s perception of the Role of Teacher Librarians - Sinhala
  11.7 Australia’s Professional Excellence Policy: Empowering School Libraries - Sinhala
  11.8 From Teacher to School Librarian, Leader and Instructional partner: A Proposed Transformation Framework for Education of preservice School Librarians - Sinhala
10. Professional Publications (Reference to the Strategic Plan - 5.5 KA5)
  10.1 An Introduction to the professional publications of main LIS Educational Institutions in Sri Lanka published during the past 56 year period. (1962-2018) - English new animated


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